Is the Cinch a four season tent?

A ‘four season’ or ‘winter’ tent is a tent that is prepared to tackle heavy snowfalls and wind and this is typically achieved with an extra-rigid exoskeleton and steeply angled sides. The things that allow these tents to cope in extreme conditions also make the tent a lot bulkier and heavier and this isn’t the way we’ve gone with our design. We only ever recommend specialist equipment in extreme conditions, but the Cinch is equipped for some really bad weather – with a HH rating of 4,000, double taped seams, dual sewn-in groundsheets, 10 pegging points and 20 guy lines it’s ready for all but the very worst stuff.

What about wind?

“Enjoying Ireland in the tent, even in county Donegal last Tuesday night in the worst storm in 100 years, So thanks guys, the tent def stood up to the elements! – Terrence, Ireland

The Cinch is superbly equipped for the wind, with 10 pegging points along the base and more than 16 guy lines meaning you can anchor it safely to the ground. We’ve tested our kit in 30mph gusts and have many glowing reports from front-line customers in conditions much worse!

“My husband was hesitant about the tent, being a pop up, but has been really impressed with how it stands up to wind and weather. He’s a convert – Jen Elder, USA

If you have any more questions then catch us on the chat!

Are your tents waterproof?

They certainly are! We lab test our materials to ensure they’ll keep you dry if it gets wet out there. The outer of our tents has a hydrostatic head rating of 4,000, which is four times the industry standard for waterproofing, and we use a thick Oxford material for our groundsheet with a HH rating of 6,000. We ensure double-taped heat-sealed seams throughout and, unlike many pop-up tents, the Cinch is double-skinned, meaning that there are two layers of fabric between you and the outside world. When the rain comes this means that the outer layer doesn’t have to contend with as much condensation and makes a big difference.


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