Can I use the pop up extended canopy on both sides of the tent?

Our new pop up extended canopy is compatible with either entrance to the tent, which means you can choose which end to set up in. Though you’re free to add an extended canopy to both ends of the tent, we only really recommend having one because you’ll struggle to use the solar power pack and you’ll cover a few too many of the guy lines.

Are the pop up accessories compatible with older models of the tent?

Unfortunately the new accessories can only be used with the latest models of the Cinch tent. Progress comes at a price! We do have some stock remaining of previous year’s accessories so please drop us an email if you’re interested in picking up older models of the extended canopy and footprint

Does the tent come with solar power?

Though we totally recommend the Solar Power Pack, some people would rather camp without it and so we sell the two separately. Our latest Solar Power Pack is more powerful than ever and integrates seamlessly with the tent – check it out here.


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